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About Us

“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.” - World Health Organisation

PranaShakti is the brainchild of a group of passionate healthcare professionals determined to provide individual and organizational well-being services on integrative format. Our team’s core strengths of being well-trained, experienced and sensitive enable us to provide high-quality physical and emotional wellness services that are digitally accessible, affordable, and effective.

Our scientific counseling approach has been designed with synergistic integration of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Functional Nutrition and Yoga focused on prevention, management and reversal of chronic diseases drawing from the richness of the various systems of medicines offered.

Over these years we have successfully treated most common lifestyle disorders and illnesses including Thyroid, Poor Digestion, Obesity, Menstruation Imbalances, Skin Allergies, Arthritis, Asthma, Menopausal Transition, Chronic Constipation and Polycystic Ovary disease.

Apart from our digital consultation, we have started providing face-to-face counseling services at our Kolkata & Belgaum (Karnataka) office with prior appointment only. We also offer bespoke health awareness workshop in multiple languages for institutions of all sizes including startups, academic, corporate, self-help groups, and non-governmental organizations.

Transforming your body, changing your lifestyle, delivering results.

Get better health results by consulting today!

How Does It Work?

In this modern time,  due to paucity of time, poor health  or geographical limitations an individual faces critical limitation to access quality holistic healthcare from qualified professionals. 

To cater this challenge, PranaShakti has initiated electronic consultations. Every assessment starts with the filling of a detailed questionnaire that evaluates the quality of health parameters including prakriti (default body-mind constitution), physiological, metabolism, excretion, toxin & mental states. Further, supported by diagnostic reports, history pertaining to present medications, past surgeries, family history of illness clinical, online consultation between the patient and health practitioner takes place.

We are on a mission to make quality comprehensive healthcare more seamlessly accessible, affordable and enjoyable for all through a blend of modern technology and an exceptional multidisciplinary health care team. 



Treatment Reviews​

I was diagnosed with early onset of Osteoarthritis and was finding it challenging to continue with my normal lifestyle. Luckily I consulted PranaShakti Team on time. With the correct diagnosis, I was prescribed diet and lifestyle changes based on strict Ayurvedic guidelines. In 6 months, I got rid of the major symptoms including chronic pain, tiredness, loss of appetite, knee joint swelling and constipation. Thank you!
Suchismita Basu​
I wish I knew about PranaShakti almost 10 years back. I suffered from chronic Gastro-Intestinal Reflux, Constipation and Anxiety which took a serious toll on my immunity. Now I am completely free of Gastritis. Thanks to their scientific protocol that focus on every aspect of well-being right from body to emotional health, which prevented occurrence of a lot of physical diseases in the future. A heart felt appreciation.
electrical engineer
I was suffering from Acidity with  Chest Burning, Stomache and Indigestion since many years. I was cured of the digestive disorder with simple diet correction and very few ayurvedic medications in just 6 months session. I will recommend this scientific protocol to many people.

Sudeshna Sen
My years long Hormonal Imbalances  just vanished within 3 months with the correct diagnosis of factors causing the disorder. Beyond all the conventional medications and therapies comes PranaShakti's diligent treatment protocol and I must say it's a one time damage control !

Shanthini M