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Online Mentoring Program: Integrating Ayurvedic Algorithms with Modern Science

Join our specialized Online Mentoring Program for in-depth Ayurvedic clinical training. This program seamlessly blends Ayurvedic science with modern physiology, anatomy, and pharmacology. You can engage in this unique learning experience from the comfort of your home, within your preferred time zone, and it's designed to be very affordable.

Program Overview:

1.Enrollment and Pairing:

  • Upon enrollment, each student is paired with one of our experienced Ayurvedic Clinicians (BAMS, M.D), skilled in clinical practice and academia. Upon enrollment, details will be provided via email.

2.Case History Submission Process:

  • Students will email their filled-in case sheets, including diagnosis, prescribed medicines, and lifestyle recommendations. We will maintain all confidentiality.

  • The assigned clinician reviews the case, providing valuable feedback and suggesting relevant reading materials.

3. Integration of Modern Medicine:

  • Physiologists and pharmacists will review the case, providing feedback from the perspective of modern health science to minimize risks of drug interference and enhance prognosis.

4.Feedback and Recommendations:

  • The comprehensive case file, enriched with Ayurvedic and modern medical inputs, will be emailed back to the student.

  • Students can seek clarifications with the opportunity for one follow-up interaction.

Important Notes:

  • All communication is managed by the PranaShakti Admin Team.
  • Personal emailing to mentors/tutors is discouraged for clear communication and efficient training.
  • Detailed case histories are required for optimal engagement.
  • Fees are collected by PranaShakti Foundation.


  • Get personalized mentoring for 10 individual cases at an affordable total rate of $60 USD. Payment is required during enrollment, with no refunds once enrolled. The validity is for 6 months to complete 10 clinical cases.

On-Demand Weekly Webinars

A group of minimum 10 students can request a specialized topic, and an experienced mentor from our panel will conduct an online session at a mutually convenient time. The recorded session will be shared with participants for future viewing. The fee is 6 USD, excluding conversion fees.

Gurukul Residency - India Immersion Program


Embark on a distinctive program that provides a fully immersive learning experience, seamlessly blending theoretical knowledge with practical exposure in the dynamic field of holistic healing. Begin your exploration in the captivating Medicinal Forests, guided by seasoned experts. Transition to the Integrated Hospital, a hub for Yoga-Naturopathy protocols, and immerse yourself in the Ayurvedic Rural Hospital/ Clinic experience – a journey unlocking profound knowledge and hands-on skills.

Tentative Dates: 2nd Week of September Every Year (Tentatively)

Program Duration: 2 Weeks / 4 Weeks (Customization Available)

Location: West Bengal, India


This program is not suitable for those seeking a luxurious, spa-like clinical training experience. It is tailored for individuals interested in observing cases in a rural setting with basic infrastructure, exploring natural forests for medicinal plants, and having the endurance for hands-on training in practical healing modalities without excessive reliance on books, Sanskrit slokas or spiritual jargon.


  • 600 USD (excluding train & flight fare, recreational travel cost and currency conversion fees) for 2 Weeks program.
  • 1050 USD (excluding train & flight fare, recreational travel cost and currency conversion fees) for 4 Weeks program.
  • Full payment needs to be made via wire transfer one month prior to the commencement of the program.

Prices are subject to vary based on changes in food, accommodation, and training infrastructure costs. Participants are requested to check the latest internship fees by emailing PranaShakti Foundation directly.

Minimum Number of Participants: 6 (customization available with additional fees).

Cost Includes:

  • Basic ashram-like accommodation (4 or 6 bedded room, male & female separate).
  • 3 very basic vegetarian, less spicy Indian meals.
  • Safe, comfortable public transportation.
  • Upon successful completion of the internship, e-certifications will be sent via email to both students and YogaVeda Institute’s Education Department.


  • Participants are required to arrive at the nearest airport or railway station (either Kolkata in West Bengal), from where transportation and associated responsibilities will be handled by PranaShakti Foundation. Students are expected to arrive in group for seamless coordination.

  • Participants need to purchase filtered drinking water bottles to avoid contamination.

Training Itinerary for 2 Weeks Internship Program.

This involves stay and training in 3 different locations. If the student group prefers, they can choose even one or two locations to complete their training as per their subject preference.

1.First Location: Medicinal Forest Exploration and Stay

  • Visit medicinal forests with trained Botanists - Ethnomedicine experts and Forest Officials. Explore traditional folk healer clinics for interaction, subject to the translator's willingness and availability (as many practitioners prefer to safeguard their healing methods).

2.Second Location: Integrated Hospital Visit and Stay

  • Short Course on Integrated Yoga-Naturopathy Protocols for the management of systematic diseases. Due to time constraints, the group needs to decide on 2 human systems for a better grasp of the subject.
  • Moxibustion Technique Overview: Designed following Agnikarma principles, widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Useful for arthritic stiffness, menstrual pain and irregularities, digestive issues, fatigue, and weakness.
  • Introduction to De-Addiction Protocols: Integrates traditional Yoga, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, and Diet therapy. Minimizes reliance on Western Medicine, emphasizing counselling.
  • Traditional Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis Presentation: Training on traditional methods of diagnosing health conditions through examining the tongue and pulse.
  • Clinics Observing rural patients undergoing Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Moxibustion therapies.

3.Third Location: Ayurvedic Rural Hospital/Clinic Visit

  • Observing doctors at work and witnessing real-life cases in a rural hospital setting. One-to-one case analysis under the guidance of on-site mentor.
  • Ayurvedic Pharmacy Visit: Exploring medicines and purchasing Ayurvedic formulations
  • Exploring Classical Ayurvedic Texts: Delving into Classical Ayurvedic Texts in a concise and condensed manner.
  • Accommodation Backpacker Hostel with 4/6 different beds in a single room. The rooms and toilets would be maintained clean and hygienic.

Gurukul Clinical Residency (in-person hours):112 Hours
One-to-One In-Person Client Encounters with a Preceptor:30 (Minimum)
Patient Observations:50 (Minimum)

NOTE:There will be short tests to evaluate the assimilation of the trainings. There can be changes in the sequence of the itinerary.

Training Itinerary for 4 Weeks Internship Program

Program Enhancement:

  • All activities in the 2-week training program will be included.
  • The stay in Location No. 2 will be extended to 21/2 (two &half) weeks.
  • Additionally, there will be a one-week introductory Panchakarma course.

One-Week Panchakarma Course Highlights:

  • Observe Panchakarma procedures tailored to individual patients.
  • Hands-on training in Panchakarma therapies under the guidance of experienced Ayurvedic practitioners.
  • Explore the significance of diet in supporting Panchakarma.
  • Gain insight into the preparation and administration of herbal formulations.

Gurukul Clinical Residency (in-person hours):224 Hours
One-to-One In-Person Client Encounters with a Preceptor: 75 (Minimum)
Patient Observations:100 (Minimum)

Key Checklists

Visa and Travel Documentation:

  • Make sure to acquire the appropriate visa for your educational purpose in India based on your home country.
  • Verify that your passport will be valid for the entire duration of your stay in India.
  • Share your post-completion plans with PranaShakti Foundation openly and honestly.

Health and Medical Requirements:

  • Before your journey to India, undergo a comprehensive medical check-up to ensure you are physically fit for the program and can adapt to the local environment.
  • Complete all necessary vaccinations and secure International Health Insurance coverage.
  • Before finalizing your internship booking, disclose your medical history, current medications, and any allergies to ensure your good mental and physical health.
  • Declare any existing diseases and medications and remember to carry your regular medications.

Cultural Sensitivity and Integration:

  • Respect Indian customs, traditions, and local practices.
  • Strictly avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, engaging in inappropriate relationships, wearing revealing clothing, or using recreational drugs. Violations will lead to immediate discontinuation from the program.
  • In the event of sudden political turmoil, alterations to the itinerary may occur to prioritize your safety. Rest assured; the quality of education will always be upheld.

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