Welcome to PranaShakti Academy!

Our learning space has been specifically designed to cater serious students and health care graduates who are striving to emerge as the future leaders of Ayurvedic Medicine committed in delivering finest quality patient care, education, and research initiatives.

Programmes We Offer

    1. Regular Online Courses:
    • Astanga Hrdyam Sutra Sthana, Sharira Sthana, Nidana Sthana, Chikitsa Sthana, Kalpa Sthana & Uttara Tantra
    • Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana, Nidana Sthana & Chikitsa Sthana
    • Madhava Nidana - Ayurvedic Diagnostics
    • Dravyaguna Vignyan - Ayurvedic Pharmacology
    • Bhaishajya Kalpana Vignyan - Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics
    • Rasa Shastra - Indian Pharmaceutics of Herbo-Mineral Formulations
    • Stree Roga and Prasuti Tantra - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
    • Kaumarbhritya Tantra - Ayurvedic Paediatrics
    • Bhuta Vidya - Ayurvedic Psychiatry
    • Agada Tantra - Ayurvedic Toxicology

    We train each learner to implement the timeless Ayurvedic Algorithms (Siddhantas) and inbuilt logics (Yukti) in rationale clinical decision-making. Our qualified facilitators have standardised the teaching methodology through consistent use of classical texts only. We also incorporate different tools and methodologies to evaluate the students learning and evolving curve through assessments tests, theme-based assignments, quiz and workshops. Our key motivation factors are to keep the students constantly encouraged, sharpen their scientific acumen and clinical problem-solving skills.

    2. Clinical Mentoring
    Existing Ayurveda curriculum across the globe is majorly focused on concise subject- wise notes with fragmented classical verse references for acquiring fast professional degrees. However, dedicated Ayurveda students should constantly practise what they learn theoretically in real-live patient encounters. This scientific approach will empower their logical application and simultaneously allow them to constantly analyse and verify the Ayurvedic principles.

    Our academy has stepped in to fill this gap. We have introduced a student-focused mentorship program where the teacher acts as a “guide by side.” In this case-based learning model, the students analyse real life patient scenario applying what they have learned with reflective inputs from the mentor focused on - What is the best effective treatment principle for given clinical scenario and why - Discussion on the principles of drug selection - Optimization of rational prescribing to maximise clinical effectiveness, minimize harms, save on monetary resource, and respect patient choice.

    3. Clinical Internship:
    We have empanelled with fully functioning Ayurvedic clinics & Panchakarma centre across India. Based on students’ course preferences, we coordinate everything right from admission to training course evaluation and accommodation arrangements. Ensuring a high-quality learning environment for all learners is our top most priority.

    4. Gurukulam: Each year during the Spring and Autumn, we organise residential programs for both National and International students. Students get access to study Sanskrit and Samhitas with in-house faculties, explore medicinal plants in natural habitat, interact with traditional healers and experience hands-on training on Jyotish, Kalaripayattu, Marma, Pranayam, Mantra, Nadi, and Raga Chikitsa.

    For course enquiries, please reach out to us at director@pranashakti.in