Our Services

This program is exclusively designed to enable individual to understand their physiology, overall health and well-being plays into the equation.
Choose the program if :
- One is not feeling well but your general physician can’t find anything wrong
- To know ‘present health status’
- Looking for to get started on new health journey
- Planning transition to normalcy from earlier diet such whole plant-based/vegan/keto
- Looking for Diet and Lifestyle Reboot Plan
- Diagnosed with specific nutritional deficiency
- Recovering from any category of surgery
- Cancer survivor
- Feeling tired, burnout frequently
- Genetical carrier of autoimmune genes
- Preventive health care protocol
- Counseling for effective panchakarma

Specialities and Services Offered
- Complete assessment of the body composition analysis (Prakriti) and unbalanced energetics (Vikruti)
- Detailed ‘Diet Consultation’
- Lifestyle Modification Education
- Right Exercise Counseling
- Review of on-going medications & prescription of supplements (if necessary)

Skin Conditions Treated
- Acne/Pimples
- Recurrent Boils/ Itching
- Dermatitis
- Psoriasis
- Pigmentation / Darkening of skin
- Rosacea
- Urticaria
- Atopic dermatitis
- Eczema
- Seborrheic dermatitis
- Herpes

Treatment For Hair Issues
- Dandruff
- Alopecia
- Sudden Hair Fall/ Hair Thinning
- Premature Grey Hair
- Hirsutism/ Excessive hair on the face, chin, or other parts of the body

Benefits of the Program
- Reduction of BMI & management of body weight combining modern diagnostics and customized diet plans to act on excess water retention and subcutaneous fat deposition in the body
- Time tested lifestyle modifications to help proper management of weight
- Review for any non essential medicines
- Convenient ayurvedic medicines to re-balance metabolism and excrete water from body which helps in reducing the circulatory load
- Prevent future complications like breathing disorders, uro-genital problem

The heart is the never-resting organ in the body. Poor diet and lifestyle choices leads to accumulation of environment and metabolic toxins, calcium and lipids plaque creating an obstruction affects the circulation due to changes occurring within the arteries and veins. This exclusive program designed for individuals suffering from :
- Atherosclerosis (hardened arteries)
- High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)
- Abnormal Heart Rhythms or Arrhythmias
- Coronary Artery Disease (narrowing of the arteries of the heart)
- Post Myocardial Infarction (Diet and Lifestyle Intervention)

What our Treatment entails?
- Personalized Diet & Lifestyle Measures
- Complementary Ayurvedic oral therapy
- Heart rehabilitation specific Yoga and Meditation Therapy
- Panchakarma Treatment Counselling

A specially designed program for any woman planning to conceive or pregnant mothers. In Ayurveda, there is an elaborate protocol on PRE-CONCEPTION , ANTE-NATAL and POST-NATAL care.
This program can be a wonderful platform for women in their first trimester to learn how to deliver a healthy baby safely and the best holistic ways to take care of herself and the child.

What our Clinical Protocol entails?
- Expecting parents counseling
- Pre-conception guidance to prevent chances of Gestational diabetes, Miscarriages and other discomforts attributed to physical changes associated with the enlarging uterus
- Ante-Natal Care (monthwise care during pregnancy)- Do’s and Dont’s regarding Dietary Habits, Exercise, Music, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama and mantra Therapy essential for the well-being of mother and child
- Post Natal Care to reduce / avoid post partum depression or anxiety

With growing age, maintaining healthy joint and musculoskeletal structure can become a challenge in this modern lifestyle. Slowly we keep loosing adequate mobility, strength, and balance in the joints. This pain management program is designed for those suffering from, or prone to:
- Osteoarthritis
- Partial Ligament tear rehabilitation
- Rheumatoid arthritis
- Gout
- Osteoporosis
- Low bone density & weakness
- Chronic Joint Pain with inflammation/ immobilization
- Early onset of Spondylosis
- Frozen shoulder
- Tennis elbow/ Carpal tunnel syndrome
- Sciatica

What are the Benefits of our protocol?
- Complete ayurvedic examination – Prakriti, Vikruti (to identify root cause), and Metabolism
- Detailed guideline of Do’s and Dont’s regarding Dietary Habits and Exercises
- Convenient home based Ayurvedic Oral Therapy to prevent disease progression
- Online mudra training to activate the joints, muscles and energy nodes
- Yoga Asanas Counselling to improve quality of mobility
- Complete guide for joint specific panchakarma therapy

If you are looking for a residential Ayurvedic healing programs in clean environments, come to us.
We are committed to provide optimal rejuvenation experience with our partner wellness retreats located where nature exists in complete harmony.
Email: wecare@pranashakti.in

A specially curated treatment protocol for women targeting restoration of the body’s natural equilibrium of hormones, overall health and vitality. This program will benefit those specifically diagnosed/ suffering from:
- Heavy or Irregular Periods, including Missed Period, Stopped Period, or Frequent Period
- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
- Premenstrual Syndrome like breast pain and heaviness, mood swings, irritability
- Chronic or Extreme stress
- Endometriosis
- Post-Menopausal Symptoms
- Lack of sexual satisfaction
- Non-malignant abnormality in Breasts
- Hypothyroidism/ Hyperthyroidism
- Delayed periods in adolescent girl
- Leucorrhea (white discharge)/ Abnormal Vaginal discharges
- Uterine Fibroids
- Ovarian Cysts

What are the Benefits of our Program?
- Satisfactory reduction of endocrine dysfunctions with diet counselling
- Prescription of minimal Ayurvedic medicines
- Prevention of further possible complications such as secondary diabetes and cardiovascular disorders
- Enjoy better sex
- Improve in ovulation cycle to beat the odds of conceiving

Intestinal disorders are one of the most common causes for visits to primary health providers. This holistic integrative treatment program has been designed for those of you who have:
- Sensitive Gut
- Food Allergies
- Poor digestion, bloating, or nutrient malabsorption
- Constipation
- Chronic Hyperacidity (burning stomach)
- Flatulence (gas trouble)
- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
- Frequent Dysentery
- Anemia
- Chronic Hemorrhoids (piles)
- Jaundice
- Acid Peptic Disease/ Gastritis
- Liver Disorders
- Peptic Ulcers

What is the Program Takeaway?
- Integrated health consultation with Ayurvedic Practitioner and Allopathy doctor
- Personalized simple diet and lifestyle plan tailor-made to daily schedule
- Classical Ayurvedic Oral therapies to reboot the gastrointestinal system
- Simple & powerful mudras and pranayama practice

Conditions Treated for Ear Disorders
- Vertigo
- Tinnitus
- Ear infections
- Discharge of ear wax etc.

Conditions Treated for Nasal Disorders
- Rhinitis
- Snoring problems
- Chronic Nasal allergies and infections
- Frequent Common cold and cough etc.

Conditions Treated for Throat & Oral Cavity Disorders
- Tonsillitis/ Laryngitis/ Pharyngitis
- Gingivitis
- Mouth ulcers
- Allergic bronchitis
- Asthma
- Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Our Live-Stream session is customized to address participant’s area of concern i.e. insomnia, hypertension, obesity, pregnancy, arthritis, etc. At the end of each practice session one is guaranteed to experience reduced stress, better posture, increase in digestion capacity, improvement in sleep quality, relief from body pain, realigned nervous system and complete feeling of relaxation.

Conditions Treated
- Back Pain
- Knee Pain
- Frozen shoulder
- Thyroid Disorder
- Obesity
- Menopause
- Pregnancy
- Respiratory disorders
- Depression & Anxiety
- Bipolar Disorder
- Insomnia
- High Stress
- Constipation
- Spondylitis

If you or your loved one diagnosed with a major ailment as serious as cancer or major surgical procedure, getting a second opinion can help you feel surer about your diagnosis and treatment plan. That’s where we can help.

Choose our Second Opinion program to:
1. Validate diagnosis using both TRADITIONAL AND MODERN MEDICINE
2. Prevent unnecessary medications and/or surgical procedures
3. Explore complementary support of Cancer in general with Ayurveda

Remember, you have no obligation to avail future treatment with PranaShakti doctors and therapists. Ultimately, how to proceed for treatment is your ultimate decision!


Email your Diagnosis & Medical reports to: wecare@pranashakti.in

When we eat foods uniquely suited to our dosha followed with a balanced life supporting routine, our digestion enhances and body gets filled with real health, happiness, vitality – at any age.

The program will train you for preparing recipes, weekly meal planning, cooking instructions focused on the principles of Ayurveda to meet health needs.

Add Ons – Vegan, Oil-free, Dairy free and Gluten free Cooking Workshop is available for those suffering from specific food allergies.

Conditions Treated
- Diabetic Nephropathy
- Urinary tract infections
- Polyuria
- Urethral obstruction
- Inflammation of kidney
- Painful urination
- Kidney stones